Defra/ACRE Fund


PRESS RELEASE, March 5th 2010


Evergreen 2000 Trust, a Britwell-based environment charity, has been making good use of a 7500 grant that it received from the COMMA Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund. The money has been used to create gravel paths to replace muddy tracks, to plant a lot of trees, shrubs and bulbs, and to erect new signs at Lynch Hill Spinney and the Greenwalk to help local people more easily identify with the green spaces on their doorstep.

The cluster of beautiful green spaces that Evergreen 2000 supports together makes up the proposed Burnham Grove Nature Reserve. Much of it is a recognised "bio-diversity opportunity area" where natural plants and wildlife should be encouraged.


According to Evergreen chairman, Alan Woodley, who has lived in Britwell for nearly 30 years, and loves it, "To get these things done we needed three things - money, which the Community Aggregates Fund provided - help from the Council, and Slough Council officials have been fantastic in giving us energetic backing - and most importantly local people to do much of the hard work involved in making things happen."

"We were fortunate to have the help of the Community Council for Berkshire (CCB) in applying for the grant. The grant is administered by Action with Communities in Rural England (ACRE) for Defra, and comes from a levy on gravel extraction operations. The money made it possible to make a huge step forward in improving and protecting the open spaces in Britwell. At the same time Slough Council are putting a lot of their effort into improving Lynch Hill Valley and the results will start to become apparent over the next few years."

The next stage is to start developing a walking route, called the Britwell Loop, whereby local people can be encouraged to spend more time walking for leisure around their own neighbourhood rather than feel they have to go further afield.

"Britwell is not without its problems, but with so many good things happening here, it's a great time to be living in Britwell."





Evergreen 2000 Trust is a registered charity based in Britwell and run entirely by volunteers.







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