Michael F Twist 1919-2006


Michael F Twist was a successful agent/farm manager and author who was perhaps best known locally for his delightful trilogy of books - “The Spacious Days”, “Hallowed Acres” and “The Glory Days”. His poignant reminiscences of Burnham and the immediate locality’s rural past are described in loving detail and give an incisive and humorous account of growing up on the Burnham Grove Estate in the 20s and 30s. The books provide a valuable historical record of rural Burnham and give an insight into days long gone when a caring relationship and natural balance existed between man and nature. He took a keen interest in the work of the Evergreen 2000 Trust.

In January 2007 the Evergreen 2000 Trust planted a number of oak trees at various sites near and within his ‘Hallowed Acres’, in his memory.



Michael F Twist