Cocksherd Wood - local nature reserve (since 1996), public open space, green belt and wildlife heritage site

OS location [494525,182842]

11.98 acres, 4.77 hectares     WDPA/ECDDA Number : 193934

National Vegetation Classification : W10a      IUCN category IV

Ancient woodland supporting a wide variety of flora and fauna and known locally as Bluebell Wood. Key plant species are field maple, birch, hazel, hawthorn, beech, ash, holly, honeysuckle, wild cherry, blackthorn, oak, rhododendron, goat willow, elder, rowan and English elm. Nationally important animal species include stag beetle, green woodpecker and bullfinch. Butterfly identified include small skipper, small tortoiseshell, large white, meadow brown and ringlet. An interesting geological feature is the large hollow said to have been gouged out of the terrain by a glacier in the last ice age some 15000 years ago. English bluebells are the star attraction in April.


Lynch Hill Valley - public open space

OS location [494298,182520]

14.59 acres, 5.90 hectares

Mainly open grassland with a line of trees, and surrounded by banks of grass.


Cocksherd Woodland Pocket Park - unprotected brown-field site

OS location [494370,182780]

0.54 acres, 0.22 hectares

A derelict former garage site that is being adapted as a reserve for butterflies and slow worms.


Haymill Valley- local nature reserve (since 1994), public open space and wildlife heritage site

OS location [494282,181754]

22.65 acres, 7.81 hectares (BBOWT) plus 1.36 hectares (Env Agency)

WDPA/ECDDA Number : 193807   IUCN Category : IV

The Haymill, sometimes called Haymill Valley, but locally known as ‘The Millie’. Ancient woodland with a variety of flora and fauna and extensive reed beds and ponds fed by Two-Mill Brook (or Two_Mile Brook), which flows from Burnham Beeches into the Thames. Site of ancient watermill at its southernmost end. The majority is owned by Slough BC and leased to BBOWT. A smaller part is owned by the Environment Agency.


Lammas Meadow - public open space

OS location [494159, 182216]

8.29 acres, 3.35 hectares

Grassland with newly-planted hedgerows, sometimes left uncut as a deep meadow

Lammas Day is August 1st, the festival of the wheat harvest. Lammas Meadows were an unusual form of timeshare. During crop-raising, up until Lammas Day the meadow could be rented by farmers for crop production. From Lammas Day, over winter, the meadow reverted to being common land, available to all for cattle and sheep grazing.


Bangles Spinney - public open space

OS location [494092,182543]

4.20 acres, 1.70 hectares

Woodland, includes an all-weather path from Cocksherd Green to Bangle’s Green.


Cocksherd Green - public open space, green belt

OS location [494155, 182798]

4.11 acres, 1.66 hectares

Grassland with skirting of trees and shrubs. A massive show of daffodils marks the arrival of spring.


Lynch Hill Spinney - unprotected open space in need of planning protection

OS location [494335,182395]

2.57 acres, 1.04 hectares

A lightly-wooded area with good potential for additional planting.


The Greenwalk - green belt and public open space

OS location [494900,183030]

3.41 acres, 1.38 hectares

Open walking area with some trees and shrubs. A useful wildlife link site.


Bangle’s Green - public open space

OS location [493958,182415]

1.48 acres, 0.60 hectares

Open grass, backed by trees, decorative planting






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